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Behind the Scenes

Through my career in Seattle theatre, I have gained the immense privilege of collaborating as a photographer with so many incredible artists. Alexandria and Jimmy asked me to document their journey as hosts of the Seattle Gregory Awards, and it was a thrill from start to finish!


There is no end to possibility for those who are creative by nature

Life in the theatre, in many ways, prepares you for life overall!

I feel that part of what is so joyous about being involved in the theatre industry and part of that community, is feeling limitless when it comes to fun projects, and hence fun photo shoots!

Alexandria and Jimmy first asked if I would help them take photos for an upcoming project, but everything was completely hush hush, as the project wasn't announced yet. They let me in on the secret a few days prior to our scheduled shoot - they would be hosting the Gregory Awards and these would be their promo photos for the announcement and event.

The Gregory Awards are a night of celebration and recognition for the work of

theatre artists throughout the Puget Sound region.

I was excited, and admittedly a little nervous, but honored that they had asked and ready for a fun day. FUN is an understatement. I met them at Seattle Center, and the adventure began. Jimmy blasted music so they could dance, and we traipsed around some of the iconic areas of the center grounds.

Alexandria and Jimmy know it - I often tell people these are some of my favorite photos I have ever taken!

A while later, as we got closer to the event, they asked if I would follow them backstage throughout the entire night of the awards and capture the moment for them. This is the kind of request that I truly love. When there is an exciting moment happening in someone's life, and they want photos to remember it.

Having a photographer capture significant moments shouldn't just be reserved for

engagements, weddings, and family reunions! So many moments deserve to be

preserved for you, your friends, and your family.

If you are thinking about hiring a photographer, just do it!

The experience capturing the night for them, from the dressing room to the backstage changing area and everywhere in between - was challenging and delightful!

Thankfully, as a stage manager in the theatre, I am deeply familiar with everything that goes into running a show backstage. This meant I knew well how to stay out of the way, and where to find anything I might need.

Following backstage throughout the event did still have its challenges as a photographer. The lighting was constantly shifting and often very low. Without being able to use a flash, this made for frequent setting adjustments. I prefer not to use a flash anyway, but in some situations during this event it sure would have been handy!

Really overall, it was such a joy to get to do this kind of journalistic work. I was there to witness moments of struggle, but also so many moments of relief, release, excitement, and raw energy!

Enjoy the moment, let a photographer capture it!


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