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Adventures Ahead

The new year means new adventures, and I am so excited for it!


My goal is to live curiously and adventurously. Always. I have a naturally outgoing spirit and am continually seeking to be sharing that with others.

Back in fall, I asked some dear friends to journey with me!

I have always wanted to do more adventure style photography, but hadn't given myself the time and space to take that leap. SO, this fall I picked one of the locations off my 'gorgeous places I want to take pictures at' list and nervously asked the question. "Do you want to take a long drive so I can take pictures of you in this really awesome spot..." Thankfully, they said yes!

They gave me the most wonderful gift, time.

Cassi and Amanda are some of the greatest people you will ever meet. I mean it. Just awesome humans in every way. I had the pleasure of working with and photographing Cassi before, and it is always fun and full of laughs! When I asked them to meet me out at Rattlesnake Lake for our shoot, I was nervous and excited.

They were amazing. We took our time setting up shots, I was able to examine my work as we went, there was no rush, and we enjoyed every second of it. They graciously hung out with me as I played with settings, lighting, framing, and everything else that you could think of to get some truly beautiful captures.

What I didn't know before we started, is that Amanda had never done a professional photo shoot before and they hadn't ever had pictures taken as a couple! AH! It was such an honor and thrill to add such a wonderful moment for them as a couple to this magical day of photographing them in a setting I have dreamed about.

Give yourself permission to take time for your craft.

I am so incredibly grateful to them for coming to play with me, and proud of myself for asking the question, taking the space, and making time to work on my craft in the way that I wanted and was so beneficial and artistically fulfilling.

Cheers to many adventures ahead!


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